Privacy Policy

Personal Information:
  • The Software Andina Web Site collects no personal information for itself or 3rd parties.
Cookie Usage:
  • The Software Andina web site uses cookies for the following:
    1. A permanent cookie is used to save the last used language.
    2. A temporary in memory cookie is used for session context.
    The web site will continue to function even if you disable cookies in your browser but may be a bit annoying continually switching to English as you navigate the site.
  • Standard analytics data is aggregated in order to analyze the site's usage. This information can contain the following:
    1. Browser/Version.
    2. Location.
    3. Operating system/Version.
    4. Time of day.
    5. Duration on site.
    No personally identifying data is collected or maintained.
  • The Software Andina web site allows you to send us an email and submit a support request. This is equivalent to sending an email and is initiated by the visitor. No database is kept of people who have communicated with us.
Data Retention:
  • As no data us collected, no data is retained.
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