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Family Tree offers you the way for a family to quickly and easily set up a genealogical web-site for their family.
Due to a growing interest in genealogy in the world, this product was created to help those families who want to have a web-page dedicated to their family. These are some of the options:
  • Configurations

    This is the configurations description.

    • Select or create styles.
    • Create the pages that will be shown on your website.
    • Show your welcome message.
    • Customize your site by uploading images of family, family arms, tartans, etc.

  • Genealogy

    In order to help you keep an organized genealogy chart for your family, this product gives you the following options:

    • Add new family members and relate them to their parents/children.
    • Have others from around the world add to the genealogy chart and choose validate that entry or not.
    • Easily browse though your famliy tree with an advanced browsing tool.

  • Forums

    The forums options will allow users to share family information, family history and discuss different topics.

  • Users

    In order to help you with the tedious task of filling out a genealogy chart, this product allows you to allow others to become users on your site. These are some of the options:

    • Create different groups and sort the users into those groups.
    • To keep your site safe, you can restrict permissions from users and groups.
    • Accept or decline requests to become users on your site.
    • Once users have been approved on the site, they can do the following:
      • Contribute genealogical names.
      • Participate in Forums.
      • Contribute with historical information.
      • If permited, a user can create pages to be seen on the site.

  • Site

    People who are visiting your web-site will be able to do the following:

    • View the welcome page as well as any other page you have created.
    • View genealogical information and family history.
    • Submit their information to become a user.


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