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e-Swim Manager is a web-based system for publishing and controlling the activities of swimming organizations such as swim clubs and swim associations.
As the administrator, we want you to be able to manage your association easily and effectively. This program will allow you to do just that, these are some of the features:
  • Organization

    In order to have your organization the way you want it, this product allows you to customize things with the following options:

    • Enter and change the entity's data.
    • Upload the images that will be shown in the whole system.
    • Define the title, logo and welcome message that will be shown on the Client site's home page.

  • Tools

    Keeping people informed is made much easier with the following options:

    • Post news updates on your website.
    • Keep a calendar with upcoming events.
    • Keep an online bulletin board where you can post birthdays, quotes, news, etc.
    • Recieve suggestions thanks to an online suggestion box.

  • Swimming Information

    Keep the swimming information organized with the follwing features:

    • The Swimmers option allows you to manage swimmers individually or as a group. For each swimmer the following options are available:

      • Add, modify and delete swimmers.
      • Print credentials and identification cards.
      • Save and modify their best times.

    • Swimmers are organized into categories (usually depending on their age and gender.) With this product you will be able to create and modify all the diferent categories you need.

    • With the styles option you can create the events that will be swam at the swim meets.

  • Meets

    This option allows you to set-up days, times, places, events and categories for all of your swim meets.

  • Personnel

    • Since many swimming organizations have various dependent swimming organizations, this product allows you to keep track of those organizations and their personnel.

    • This option will also allow you to always have an up-to-date personnel list with important information for each oranization within your organization.

  • Times and Records

    • Save swim times done by each of the swimmers in each swim meet.
    • Keep track of all the records set in any category.

  • Client

    Users can access the following options on the Web Site:

    • News and events
    • Association and club information
    • Personnel data
    • Calendar
    • Links
    • Contact information
    • Suggestions mailbox


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