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e-Store Manager offers a secure and sophisticated e-business solution that allows you to quickly open an on-line store.
In order to help you open you online store the way you want it, this product offers the following features to help you:
  • System Configuration

    Customize your site by defining the scheme, language, articles, prices, price format, fonts, and company's policies that will be shown on the Client's site homepage.

  • Items

    A store would be nothing without items to sell. The Items option will allow you to manage the items that you will be selling on your store and sort them into their respective pages.

  • Pages

    Divide your online store into different sectors and categores using the Pages option.

  • Wrapping Paper and Cards

    • This option allows you to have different wrapping paper types for every holiday and special occasion.
    • Have a different gift card for every holiday and special occasion.
    • Add and delete designs.

  • Holidays

    Since holidays are great occasions to buy people gifts, you will be able to add holidays and special occasions to your calendar.

  • Orders

    Keep good track of all the orders made on your site. This product allows you to manage all pending orders, orders to be processed and orders completed, allowing you to send a verification email to your clients.

  • Client

    Clients visiting your online store will be able to view the following:

    • Browse and shop for the items on your site.

    • View your company's information and policies, as well as send a contact email.

    • View a calendar reminding them of holidays and special occasions where they could buy gifts.


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