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e-Sports Manager is a web-based sports registration system developed to meet the needs of the sports and recreation park industry.
As the administrator, we want you to be able to manage your association easily and effectively. This program will allow you to do just that, these are some of the features:
  • Organization

    This product provides a way for you to organize your players in different seasons, sports, age groups and teams. These are some of the options:

    • A sports association would be nothing without sports to play. This option allows you to create the sports that will be played in the different seasons.
    • Organize the players in their respective age groups.
    • Create teams for each sport and age group, then assign players to those teams.

  • Families

    With this option you can manage families in the association by groups or individually. For each family you can:

    • Register players to different programs.
    • View the player's enrollment history.
    • View the list of players, create new entries, modify and delete existing ones.
    • View the family's donation list, add new donations, modify and delete existing ones.

  • Coaches

    Keep track and edit information of the coaches in your association. Also, you will be able to keep a list of voluntary coaches and decide whether to accept their request or not.

  • Unpaid Enrollments

    Keep your association financially stable by managing the different prices and fees, as well as keeping track of all transactions made and enrollments that are yet to be paid.

  • Send Emails

    Communication is a very important part of any oranization. To make this part easier, this program will allow you to do the following:

    • Send a pre-defined email to specific teams, age groups, sports or seasons.
    • Send a customized email to all families.
    • View the different pre-defined emails and modify them.

  • Configurations

    With this option you will be able to customize the site to display the information that you want it to display. You will also be able to change the information and logo of your association.

  • Client

  • This product allows your clients to easily interact with your association on-line. A client can do the following:

    • Enroll players in one of the programs available.
    • Edit Family Information.
    • Edit Player Information.

    • Place an application to become a coach.
    • View last transactions including registrations and donations and process new donations.


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